Wasteless future initiative

Wasteless future initiative

Take a challenge and help us create a solution that will reduce waste in Szczecin. Activate your design thinking, build a community and regain your influence. See the solutions we’re dreaming of.

Our initiative is designed to let you fully participate without leaving your home… online!  But if you prefer to work and meet others live, the Home of Tomorrow is open for you. It’s up to you how you want to participate. In the meantime, take a look at our forum and join the discussion.

How does it all work?

Each team has no more than seven members. You can join us on your own or bring some friends along. Sign up today.

The challenges are created on the basis of real-life problems that the residents share with us. When joining, you pick the challenge that seems most familiar to you.

The guide takes your team through the project, supports the leader and helps find the best solutions.

Teams are supported by representatives of local authorities, business and science. Thanks to useful discussions and tips, the solutions will effectively address the challenges. 

The project is made up of six stages. First, we ask Szczecin’s residents about the problems related to household waste. Then, on the basis of their responses, we define the challenges. You and your team come up with a solution and its implementation plan. Finally, we present the outcomes to local residents and publish everything free of charge, following the open-source spirit. 

The whole process is divided into several months, so that you can easily combine the creative process with other activities. Learn more about the project’s stages.

Design process: step by step

We ask residents of Szczecin about waste-related problems
Team formation
Looking for solutions together
Prototype development and testing
Implementation plan
Presentation of solutions

Green future solutions

Green future solutions

Take a challenge and help us create a solution that will reduce waste in Szczecin. It can be related to a house, residential estate or even the whole city. 

Sign up today!

Our project is supposed to serve the planet and people. This is why all solutions will be made available free of charge, following the open-source concept, so that everyone can use and get inspired by them for the benefit of the green future. We believe that together we can start a change – not just in Szczecin but also across Poland or even Europe. 

What kind of solutions will make it to the final?

How we generate and get rid of waste greatly affects our planet. We wish to minimise that impact.

An efficient solution should not require a large effort but should naturally be incorporated into people’s lives and habits.

Solutions should be implementable in many places. If your idea responds to a problem in a single block of flats, for example, it does not meet this criterion.

Ideas should respond to challenges that residents of Szczecin actually have to face.

Teams should talk about their ideas with individuals for whom they are created, taking feedback into account at further stages of works.

The solution has to produce benefits and cannot use valuable resources or generate waste.   

Solutions ready for implementation

Solutions ready for implementation

Solutions and plans for their implementation will be presented to city authorities. Thanks to the help of mentors and experts, each design that makes it to this stage will be complete and ready for implementation. Yes, that can be your design!

Take a look at the forum

Take a look at the forum

This is where we share ideas, discuss things and support each other. Watch the works progress and keep up to date with what’s going on here. Sign up on our forum.

Important questions and answers

Important but definitely not all. Haven’t managed to find an answer to your question? Ask it here. 

Anyone aged over 18 can participate. As regards other factors, we believe in diverse teams. This helps us take a look at problems from different points of view.

You can if you participate in three meetings at the House of Tomorrow (at the start, in the middle and at the end of the process), and your prototype is tested by Szczecin’s residents. You can get further information from the project mentor.

You are going to need at least one computer (or smartphone) with a camera and microphone, as well as Internet access, because most activities will be handled remotely.

You should use the registration form at the website (link).

Sure thing! :) You will need to catch with other teams, though. This will be made easier by materials available at the forum and from the Project Team.

No, it’s not. This project is about collaborative creation, i.e. engaging local residents in the process of designing solutions that are aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated in Szczecin.

We recommend focusing on a single challenge but if you reasonably believe that you can work on more than just one, feel free :)

Your prototype will be presented at the event that concludes the project. Details of the event will be announced soon. Your prototype may inspire the City Hall to implement your solution.

One of your team members can become the leader. If you are working on your own, another participant might take over your work or you can just abandon it :(

You can test your ideas, gain experience in working with the design thinking method, get prepared for a professional presentation of your concept, and – most of all – have a real impact on the life of Szczecin’s residents. 

Yes, as long as the leader agrees. If there are any obstacles, you can still become a tester and support the working team by commenting on the results of specific stages of design works at forum.domjutra.online

Seven. Our experience shows that working in larger teams is much less efficient.

We can also see two options here. You can either look for new team members at forum.domjutra.online or among your friends, or ask the mentor to help you reorganize the design process, so that you can finish on your own.

Workshops are run by mentors ONLINE, while the subjects covered vary depending on the stage of the process. We focus on providing most useful knowledge and tips to use in the project. Each educational workshop offers an answer to the following questions: “Why do we do what we do?” / “What should be the outcome of this stage?”


Detailed terms and conditions of our project are available here.